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E-Gold is a new incarnation of gold, innovated by National Spot Exchange (NSEL), which enables investors to invest their funds into gold in smaller denomination and hold it in demat form. It is available on the pan India electronic trading platform set-up by National Spot Exchange, which can be accessed through members of NSEL or their franchises. It provided an unique opportunity to buy, accumulate, hold and liquidate "Electronic Gold (E-Gold)" as well as to convert the same into physical gold coin/ bar in a seamless manner.
Contract Specifications of E-GOLD (Demat Gold Units)
Commodity Details
Commodity E-GOLD (Demat Gold units)
Contract Symbol E-GOLD
Daily contract Daily contract for trading in Demat E-GOLD units
Trading Related Parameters
Trading period Mondays through Fridays (except Exchange specified holidays)
Trading session 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM
Trading unit 1 unit of E-GOLD, which is equivalent to 1 gram of Gold
Price Quote/Base Value Per 1 gram Gold of 995 purity
Tick size (minimum price movement) 10 paise per unit
Daily Price Range 5 %
Maximum order size 10000 units
Margin parameters
Initial Margin 5%
Delivery Margin 10%
Special Margin In case of additional volatility, a special margin of such percentage, as deemed fit, will be imposed immediately on both buy and sale side in respect of all outstanding position, which will remain in force for the same trading day.
Demat Parameters
ICIN INC200000007
Market description T+2
Settlement cycle T+2
Delivery Related Parameters
Delivery unit 1 unit and multiple thereof. Delivery shall be accepted only in demat form.
Quality Specifications Grade: 995 and Fineness: 995 Only dematerialized units of E-GOLD are eligible for trading and delivery in this contract.
Tender and Delivery day T+2 (2 working day from the date of transaction)
Delivery Logic
Compulsory delivery. All open positions (buy and Sell trades) must result into compulsory delivery in demat form on the designated delivery day.
Other conditions applicable
  1. Only such clients/ members shall create sale position in this contract, who are holding demat E-GOLD units in their account. Persons holding gold bars/ coins in physical form must not create any sale position in this contract, as it is compulsory demat settlement contract.
  2. Before creating any buy position in this contract, the client must open his beneficiary account for NSEL trading.
  3. Intra day trading and netting is permitted, but short sale is not allowed. In case of short sale, the position will be settled by buying in auction of undelivered position.
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