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The Cash Segment of Commodities: Investment Products for Retail Investors

For the first time in India, NSEL has introduced e-Series products in commodities for retail investors. These are investment products that enable investors to buy and sell commodities in demat form and hold them in their demat account.

Retail investors now trade and invest in commodities like they do in equities. This is a unique market segment, which functions like the cash segment in equities, but offers commodities in the demat form in smaller denominations. The clearing and settlement, pay-in and pay-out mechanism is based on T+2 settlement cycle. E-Series products provide opportunity for intra-day trading, coupled with demat delivery in respect of positions outstanding at end of the day. NSEL has launched e-Gold, e-Silver, e-Copper, e-Zinc, e-Lead, e-Nickel and e-Platinum. We will continue to add more commodities under this segment. Systemic investments in e-series products promotes savings in a secured way offering ease of transaction and flexibility of trade timings. This instrument provides ample opportunity to the mass as secured investment in their product basket diversification.


   Key features:
Promotes Systemic investment and savings
Invest in smaller denomination (1 gm gold and 100 gm Silver)
Transparent and uniform pan India pricing
Convenient and secure online buying and selling
No storage or holding costs
Physical delivery of accumulated demat units at multiple centres available
Extending trading hours from 10 am to 11.30 pm.
Investors who wish to purchase e-Series products are required to open beneficiary accounts with NSEL-empanelled Depository Participants (DPs).National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL) and Central Depository Services (India) Ltd. (CDSL), are the depositories for holding commodity units in the electronic form.