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Details of Decrees obtained by NSEL against defaulters
Sr. No Name of Defaulter Amount (in Cr.) Order of Order Date
1 ARK Imports Pvt Ltd 719.37 Bombay High Court 20/07/2015
2 Yathuri Associates 264.96 Bombay High Court 18/12/2014
3 Aastha Minmet India Pvt. Ltd. 12.50 Bombay High Court 23/12/2014
4 Juggernaut Projects Ltd. 145.00 Bombay High Court 23/12/2014
5 Swastik Overseas Corporation 91.19 Bombay High Court 18/12/2014
  TOTAL: Rs. 1233.02    
Details of Injunction obtained by NSEL against defaulters
Sr. No. Name of Defaulter Amount Claimed in TPN / Suit / Section 9 (in Cr.) Date of BHC Order for Injunction
1 Vimladevi Agrotech Limited 14.02 23/12/2014
2 Namdhari Rice & General Mills 10.75 23/12/2014
3 Namdhari Food International Pvt. Ltd. 53.07 23/12/2014
4 P.D. Agro Processors Pvt. Ltd. 680.23 11/4/2014
5 White Water Foods Pvt. Ltd. 86.12 10/10/2014
6 Mohan India Pvt. Ltd. & Tavishi Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. 1,037.84 1/12/2014
7 N.K. Proteins Ltd. 937.89 3/2/2015
8 NCS Sugars Ltd. 58.85 10/24/2013
9 Spin-Cot Textiles Pvt. Ltd. 38.26 22/11/2013
10 MSR Food Processing 8.82 20/2/2015
11 Metkore Alloys & Industries Ltd. 94.83 12/3/2015
12 Shree Radhey Trading Co. 34.59 23/12/2014
  Total Rs. 3055.27  
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The annual report & financial statements of NSEL and IBMA
National Spot Exchange (NSEL), a limited company, was incorporated in May 2005 as a spot exchange for trading in commodities. In October 2008, NSEL commenced operations providing an electronic trading platform to willing participants for spot trading of commodities, such as bullion, agricultural produce, metals, etc. Like NSE and BSE, NSEL has its registered trading members, commonly referred to as brokers, who execute commodity trades on the NSEL platform on behalf of and in accordance with the instructions of their respective clients across India.
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e-Series Rematerialization & Financial Closure

National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL) has received ‘No Objection’ from Forward Markets Commission to proceed with the process of Rematerialization and Financial Closure of e-Series. Pursuant to this, NSEL has issued the circular no. NSEL/DP/2014/014 dated April 04, 2014.

e-Series unit holders who intend to rematerialize their holdings can follow the process as detailed in the above circular. Unit holders may kindly note that this process of rematerialization is different from the earlier process of Surrender Request (SRF) which has been since discontinued. The process of rematerialization shall be possible only for such unit holders whose holdings match or exceed the exact denomination of the underlying metal. Hence, it is strongly advised to verify the same from the latest stock report before initiating the process.
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  Important Updates
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